FUNK FACTORY Biere de Coupage • Sour/Wild

FUNK FACTORY Biere de Coupage • Sour/Wild

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25.4 oz. bottle

6.0% abv

”Like last year’s blend, the 2019 Bière de Coupage vintage incorporates elements of young and old: our fresh, hoppy foeder-fermented saison and mature, barrel-aged spontaneous beer. This year, saison represents 57% of the composition which contributes mild supporting bitterness, lingering minerality, bright citrus zest flavors, and a subtle earthy spice. The barrel-aged component makes up the remaining 43% of the blend, and is comprised of three 2 yr-old barrels. These give the beer a mature acid profile, musty oakiness, and complementary stone fruit flavors. Overall, this batch has slightly less acidity than last year’s blend and brings more refreshing saison characteristics to the forefront while maintaining a thoughtful balance with the denser, funky flavors contributed by the barrel-aged spontaneous beer...”

from Wisconsin